Monday, February 10, 2020

Provide a viral marketing plan that uses blogs and social media tools Essay

Provide a viral marketing plan that uses blogs and social media tools to generate interest in the Courier - Essay Example In order to ensure the credibility of local news, the Courier should use a blog that is frequently updated and one that allows for the general public to comment. This blog will be more effective when it is attached to the Courier’s website. It can also be uses to share opinions of people and their reactions to different news items. High school students and institutions are the main target market for high school sport results. According to Bregman (18), the most effective way to reach out to students is through social media. Many students spend a large portion of their time on social media. Organizing campaigns that target them on social media platforms will create interest in the courier. The courier should engage the students by posting pictures of the sporting activities and commenting on the. Social media campaigns can also include competitions for students. This will increase the flow of students to the site and enhance the visibility of the Courier The courier should use social media presence to post topics that command attention of the reader. These topics should be linked to the main feature stories in the Courier’s website and blogs. Once the readers click on the topic, they should be automatically redirected to the Courier’s website to get access to the full story. This will increase the flow of customers to the Courier’s website and generate more interest in it. According to Andrews (6), using blogs and linking it to the website will optimize the website and make it easier to be traced by the search engine. In order to attract the interest of gardeners, home repair agents, crafts men and their clients who love functionality and beauty in their homes and places of work, the Courier will need to dedicate a blog spot on the Courier’s website that is linked to a social media page. This will act as a one stop shop for

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